Awards Season


The year I worked in Hollywood – and by “worked in Hollywood” I mean “looked busy staring glassily at spreadsheets” – I was confused by the number of For Your Consideration ads in the trades. Um, yeah, I think we all know about Brokeback Mountain, you guys. Conversely, I have no idea what came out in science fiction and fantasy publishing last year. I do know, however, that I want to see lots of women up for Fan Writer and to vote for My Little Pony.

Let’s face it: “for your consideration” posts are weird. But science fiction is a literary community where the major awards are voted on by a large-ish number of its members, and short fiction is a bigger part of the ballot than novels are. That is really rare, and worth preserving. If a side effect of that voting structure means we all have to remind each other of what actually came out last year instead of crossing our fingers that someone connected passes on our work to closed a jury, I’m down.

In 2012, I had one story and one “novelette” come out. Both are available online and linked below.


Swift, Brutal Retaliation – My editor described the story as “a haunted prank war gone wrong.” It’s been picked up for both Jonathan Strahan’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year and Rich Horton’s Year’s Best Science Fiction & Fantasy.


Lovecraft in Brooklyn – The Revelator. Charlie Jane Anders described this story as tackling “hipsters, racism and gentrification in a truly creepy, Lovecraft-inspired way” over at io9.



Unstuck #2 came out in December, and it features some truly fantastic fiction from familiar SFF names and names that everyone who loves SFF should be familiar with. Plus, both the physical and e-book copies are gorgeous. Please check it out!